Practice Information


2 Clarence Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Telephone: 02 6584 6715
Fax: 02 6584 6853

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday

9:00am - 12:30pm

1:30pm - 5:00pm

Wednesday - closed after 12:30pm



Dr Anne Murray 

Dr Amitee Ryan

Dr Brock Medlar 

Practice Manager:

Sue Marsh

Practice Nurse:

Diane Ussher



Renee Jenner

Trish Jordan

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After Hours Arrangements

  • In the event of an emergency then please contact 000 or call an ambulance.

  • For non-urgent conditions please call the practice the following day for an appointment.

  • To receive assistance please call the 24 hour health access line on 1800 022 222.

  • For urgent After Hours matters please phone our after-hours phone on 0403 177 279. There may be out-of-pocket expenses for after-hours care


Patients are seen by appointment only.  Standard appointments are 15 mins in duration.  Patients are encouraged to make longer appointments if needed.  Double appointments are required for new patients, skin-checks; pap smears/well woman checks and procedures.  Immunisations, RTA medicals, care plans and health assessments require appointments with the practice nurse and the doctor.

The practice has a small number of on-the-day appointments for emergency cases that require same day appointments.  These patients will be triaged by either the receptionist or the nurse.  A cancellation list will be commenced daily.  The on-the-day appointments will be assigned by urgency and need.  We will attempt to see those patients on the cancellation list as soon as appointments are available - our aim is within 3 days if at all possible.

Changes to Personal Details
If you change address or contact phone numbers, please advise reception so that we can keep your records up-to-date and correct.  Should you receive a new Medicare Card, or should your concession status change, please advise reception.

Childhood Immunisations
To assist us in making timely appointments for your child’s immunisations, please endeavour to contact us several weeks before the immunisations are due to avoid a last minute squeeze in.  Our Practice Nurse is available Mondays, Tuesdays 9am to 5pm and Wednesday, Thursdays 9am to 12 noon. Where possible it is preferred immunisations are booked with the nurse to maintain your child’s relationship their GP.

Communication Policy

Phone Calls Policy - Dr Murray, Dr Ryan and Dr Medlar
Whilst it is understood that patients will on occasion need to contact their doctor, generally phone calls will not be put through directly to the Dr whilst they are consulting with another patient.  Please leave a message with the Receptionist, giving your name and contact details, as well as an outline of the reason for the call.  The Receptionist, Nurse or Dr will endeavour to return your call at their earliest time practical.  Other phone calls will be dealt with by the receptionist or Practice Manager.

Drugs of Dependence

If you are a new patient to the practice:
It may take time to get accurate medical information about your condition.  Until such information is available, your GP may choose to not prescribe any medication.  It is our policy that GPs do not prescribe drugs of dependence, such as opiates, benzodiazepines or other hypnotics, until they have a full clinical picture.

The GP may decide to alter medication based on their clinical judgement.

Policy Regarding Electronic Methods of Communications
It is the Policy of Focus Medical Centre at this stage, to only use electronic methods of communication sparingly with patients.


We do not communicate with Patients via SMS to-date.


As a rule, we do not transmit personal or medical information to a patient via email, unless this method of communication is specifically requested by the patient, hence we have patient consent, and depending upon the sensitivity of information involved – approved by the GP) Patients are  made aware that their privacy and confidentiality may be compromised when communicating by email without encryption.

Patients are discouraged from sending emails to the practice and are made aware that only non-Urgent matters should be communicated by email.  Patients are encouraged to contact the office by telephone.


Information sent by facsimile is covered by a Fax Cover sheet, that states “Privacy and Confidentiality:  The information contained within the facsimile message is intended only for the nominated recipient.  If you are not that person and have received this message in error, please notify the sender as soon as possible.  Communication by fax is generally only between GP and another healthcare provider.

Communication by facsimile with patients is not encouraged as persons other than the patient may have access to their fax machine


Telephone communication is our preferred method of communication.

Failure to Attend/Cancellations
We request that patients who are unable to attend a scheduled appointment call as soon as possible to cancel the appointment.  These cancellations then allow patients with urgent needs to be seen.

If patients do not call to cancel an appointment, a failure to attend will be documented on their clinical record, and a letter will be sent to them advising of their ‘failure to attend”.  If the appointment was made for review of investigation results or to discuss other urgent matters, an attempt will be made to call and reschedule the appointment.  At this time or when the patient calls to make another appointment, they will be reminded of the policy.  If a patient has 3 failure to attends, this patient will be advised that they will need to make a remediation appointment to discuss their ongoing care, if the patient fails to respond to this letter, they will be made inactive awaiting request for record transfer from their new practice.  This decision is based on demand for appointments and the inconvenience caused by failures to attend on access to appointments for other patients.  This policy is stated clearly in the waiting room, in this Practice Information Sheet and on our website.

Bulk Billing
Many private patients have enjoyed bulk billing on many occasions.  We will continue to provide many bulk billed services.  We have always been a mixed billing practice.  In order to continue to provide services some changes need to be made. 

We will continue to bulk bill for

  • EPC (Enhanced Primary Care items) – GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements

  • Mental Health Care Plans

  • Skin Procedures, except those listed overleaf

  • Cycles of Care

  • INR

  • Health Assessments

  • We will continue to bulk bill those local residents on a full pension card and children under the age of 16.

  • Dr Anne Murray will continue to bulk bill those private patients that have to return for review of their results.

  • Dr Rattray will also bulk bill those private patients that have to return for review of their results.

  • Dr Jacinta Spry does not bulk bill patients returning for review of results, these appointments will still attract a fee.

  • Bulk billing for other item numbers is at the discretion of the doctor.

  • No accounts will be issued, payment to be made on the day.

  • Consultations for all holiday patients, including children, will incur a consultation fee as per schedule

  • Mental Health Care Plans, Care Plans, Health Assessments and Procedures require a minimum of a double appointment

  • All procedures are bulk billed, however, all procedures will incur a $20 out-of-pocket fee to cover equipment costs.

Home Visits
Home visits are available by arrangement.  These are limited to extreme circumstances where the condition is severe and preventing review at the practice.  They are available in consultation with the doctor and subject to availability.  They are limited to the area bound by the Hastings River to the north, as far south as Lighthouse Beach area, and as far west the new estates surrounding Innes Lake Village.  Patients not known to the practice will not be provided with home services.

Investigation Result Recalls
We encourage patients to contact our Practice to follow-up their investigation results.  If you could please phone for results after 10am on any day it would be appreciated.  Where there are Urgent or Non-Urgent results, and patients have not contacted the Practice within a suitable time frame, we will contact the patients to arrange for them to come in for review.  Three phone calls and one letter will be our maximum endeavour to contact the patient to come in.

Dr is now qualified for Mirena insertion.  Please speak to reception for further information regarding appointments, time to be allocated and our billing policy regarding this service.

National Auslan Interpreter Booking Service
Provides accredited Auslan interpreters to deaf Auslan users free-of-charge who are attending private medical consultations.  The service can be contacted between 8am and 8pm (Monday –Friday) and 8am to 1pm on Saturday (excepting national public holidays).  Bookings can be made by phone on 1800 246 945; by Faxing 1800 246 914; via email at; via an online booking form and SMS 0427 671 261.  Please advise reception if you will require an Auslan Interpreter at your appointment.

Privacy and Managing Patient Information

We collect your personal health information to help us provide you with optimal care.  We maintain the security of personal health information, which is stored electronically.  Your information is available only to authorised GPs and members of staff.  We are bound by Privacy Legislation and patient information is not shared with third parties, other than with your consent, or as legally directed or required under appropriate legislation.

Should you move practice, you can complete a Patient Authority Request for Release of Records at your Dr’s Practice, and your records will be released directly to that GP. Patients have the right to access their own personal health information under privacy legislation, with noted exceptions.    Should you require access your file, you will need to make this request in writing stating that this is what is required. Identification to prove your identity will be required.  A staff member will be present at all times whilst you view your file – a fee may be payable for this service.   Please be aware that all documents must be released when subpoenaed by a court of law.  A complete copy of our Privacy Policy and Collection Statement are available at Reception on request.

If you take prescription medication on a regular basis, please contact us to make your next appointment for a new script when you take your last repeat to the pharmacy to be filled.  This will allow us to make an appointment at a suitable time, and halt the last minute rush to make appointments for scripts that are due.

Please note that procedure appointments are for procedures only, and the time allocated for the procedure does not allow for other health matters to be dealt with at the same time, eg, scripts.  As a courtesy to our other patients, please make a separate appointment should you have any other health matters that need to be addressed.

We have an opt-out policy for Reminders.  We endeavour to contact clients when they are due for reviews, such as Care Plans, Mental Health Care Plans, Diabetes Cycle of Care, Annual ECGs and / or Spirometry for those patients with relevant needs etc.  If you do not wish to be contacted to schedule these appointments, please advise the Receptionist.

We are also committed to maintaining up-to-date registration of patient information with State, Territory and Federal reminder systems, eg, BreastScreen NSW, Pap Test Register, ACIR (Immunisations Register).  Please advise Reception if you do not wish for your reminders to be lodged with these Registers.

  • spirometry

  • ecg 

  • skin and minor procedures

  • urinalysis

  • travel vaccinations

  • women’s health checks

  • venesection 

  • work medicals

  • wound care 

  • skin checks

Services Available

  • allergy/epipen education

  • antenatal share caring 

  • asthma education

  • blood sampling/collection

  • chronic disease care planning

  • diabetes education              

  • driving medicals

  • ear syringing

  • health assessments

  • immunisation

  • inr measurement and management


A suggestion box is located on the table nearest to the sliding doors. These will be reviewed by management and staff on a regular basis.


In the first instance it would be appreciated if complaints could be directed in writing to the practice principal- Dr Anne Murray at the practice address. If you feel the complaint needs to go further you may direct this complaint to the NSW Health Care Commission on 1800 043 159 or

Translator Service:

An on-site or telephone interpreter can be arranged for your appointment, with sufficient notice, please advise reception if you will require this service. To use an interpreter over the telephone – 13 14 50.

Web Address:


Workers Compensation Claims:
The GP's at Focus Medical Centre do see workers compensation claim patients.  However, until such time as the insurer has accepted the claim, and we have been provided with the Claim No, Insurance Company Name, Phone No., Fax No. Address, and Claim Manager Name, these consultations will need to be paid for at Workcover rates by the patient.  Once the claim has been accepted by the insurer, any invoices previously paid by the patient can be present to the insurer for reimbursement.